Jimmy Choo saba bag

  1. Soooo thanks so much to everyone for their warm welcomes and input on my first thread here about needing to find something JC with my store credit as the shoes dont seem to fit me...

    Is the Saba bag completely sold out as it seems to be a very hard bag to get...also, does it come in any colors/leather besides black or chocolate suede and white leather?

    I was hoping for more options in the leather material as Im not a huge suede girl...


    will be checking out the jimmy choo boutique tomorrow as i bring my shoes back finally...so sad they didnt fit
  2. Hi:

    Saks and Neimans have the black Nappa leather Saba online for pre-order. As far as leather goes, it is available in black or white. Suede is available in black or brown, but is sold out in a lot of places. Then the exotic version is in Zebra pony print.

    I'm not a suede girl, but there was just something about this bag in suede. I think the suede is a little more formal than the leather version, but that is just me.

    Good luck.
  3. ^^ohhh yah now i see it...the black nappa will be awesome!!
  4. i think this bag is absolutely gorgeous!
  5. I'm sporting my new medium White Saba today. I've already recieved a few compliments on my new baby. I don't think they are sold out everywhere. Well the Animal Print is sold out (for now) The other colors keep coming in and out.
  6. Roe--how do you keep your white Saba clean?? I got mine in the mail today and I've never seen anything so gorgeous, and it's so lightweight! But...I'm thinking of returning it because I'll worry all the time about it getting smudged and looking tacky. And at that price.....! Do you regret buying yours? Is it dirty or do you have any suggestions for keeping it looking nice?

    Thanks for any suggestions...I'd really like to keep it, but...

  7. Hi: Not Roe, but if you love it, I say keep it. I have it in suede which is so impractical, especially in the Northeast with all the snow and rain, but it is tdf. I have a white/cream togo Choo and find that so long as you treat it with apple care and are a little careful, the leather holds up nicely.
  8. Thanks, lionlaw....I may keep it. Am mostly concerned about darkening of the strap, but I suppose that's inevitable when you get a white bag...can't obsess over it, have to enjoy it! I may use a scarf or just hold onto the hardware. I'm going to spray it with Applegard and hope for the best!

  9. i have to say i am concerned about this as well. I've used it twice. its so soft and it smells great however since its slouchy it just collapses wherever you lay it down. i'm more concerned about it getting dirty on the bottom moreso than on the top or sides. i'm also a bit concerned about it rubbing on darker outfits. i won't return it though. ;)
    well its too late now for me to do so anyway.
  10. Bob Ellis has it in the Zebra Hair...maybe it could be ordered for you?
  11. If you're trying to find the Saba in the zebra print pony hair I know there's one left at a store called Footcandy. It's absolutely beautiful in person. I don't remember if it was the medium or the large size, but you can call. Their number is 925.937.3668. Happy hunting!
  12. sounds a fab bag
  13. Footcandy shoes has the Medium Saba in ivory in stock!!!! They also have the exquisite zebra/pony saba!! You can call their toll free number at 877-517-4606.
  14. I didnt realize the Zebra came in medium and in pony!~

    lionlaw - you have the Large black suede right? I was trying to find any modelling pics, you rem where they're posted? I am trying to get a good visual of its sizing. Help? :smile:

    I am liking the Large over the medium from the get-go. I guess, if you're going bold, go all the way. I still haven't gotten over the Zebra Saba.. Sigh.. :love:
  15. Hi Abi: Yes, I have the large black suede. I can't remember where the pics are either, but can tell you that no way is it close to being as big as the XL Ramona. I don't think it is a "bold" look because it is a very slouchy bags and curves to your figure when you wear it. If you put it down with nothing in it, it just sorts of puddles. Since it is not structured, it does not appear as big when you wear it. It is the most comfortable Choo bag I have.