Jimmy Choo Rodeo Bag

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  1. Hi. I am just wondering what you guys think about jimmy choo bags. Not a lot has been said about his bags in this forum and I would like to know what the quality is like and your opinions.

    There is this Rodeo bag from the S/S collection that I am eyeing on. I'm sorry I can't put a picture of it as it's flash version. If anyone can help me with it, I would really appreciate it. You can find the bag on www.jimmychoo.com and go to S/S 06 Handbag collection under Theola range.

    I am now deciding between this and the cream Paddington. Both are about the same price. And I am looking for a bag which is light in colour, like beige or cream.
  2. Hi Muppy, I have one Jimmy Choo bag -- the Tulita in black from about 3 years ago. And, I have a dark red Paddy. Between the two, I would vote for the Paddy. The Jimmy is really stiff and the hardware has started to come off and I have hardly used it!:suspiciou I 've hardly used my Paddy, so I'm not sure about the durability of it, but it's a lot more comfortable and the leather is di-vine!:biggrin: Hope this helps.
  3. I love the Rodeo bag, also love the Rasia and the Ramona. In fact, I just ordered the navy Ramona from Saks yesterday. I haven't seen the bag in person yet, so perhaps it won't measure up to my expectations, but it sure looks great in all the photos. If I don't love it, I'll just send it back.

    Anyway, I really love the whole Theola line--these bags are beautiful and seem like they will be lightweight and functional. I love the Paddingtons too, but they are too heavy to be a practical choice for me.

    Either way, you have great taste in bags!
  4. Ah, managed to find a pict of it in a different colour. This is the slightly larger one, but the design is the same. What do you think compared to the paddington. I know they are very different bags, but which would u go for?

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  5. bigger pic i hope

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  6. anyone? hmmm....
  7. I think it's a different look than a Paddington, but it's a very nice looking bag. It really depends on which appeals more to you. The leather on the Paddington is scrumptious, but it is a bag that might look dated in a few seasons, where IMO the Choo bag would not. How does the leather feel? Is the bag comfortable to wear? What are the dimensions, and how does the price compare to the Paddington?
  8. I agreed with Pseub. Although I don't have both bags so I can't compared the two in person but personally I like the look of this Rodeo bag, and with the light color that you mentioned you wanted, it is going to be very nice.
  9. I have several Choo Bags and they never wear out...Also, the leather softens after using it and several girls on the Forum have put weight in there bags for a while to soften faster. The Paddington is probably the only designer bag I haven't had...I like the way they look but the ones I've held seem heavy to me...although some would say the Choos are heavy...but I just think they look more expensive and will not date as easy as the Paddington...But in the end, you know which one you're leaning towards Good Luck! Both bags are lovely!:yes: