Jimmy Choo BLISTERS! any suggestions?

  1. I recently bought a pair of JC boots, (iris, black stretch suede) they are my first ever pair of JC's and hopefully not my last but I wore them out at the weekend, probably for too long on first wearing and have the most terrible blister on the sole of my left foot, yep....on the sole! :nuts: OUCH!

    I'm not a huge high heel wearer so I guess my soles are a bit mincey and need to toughen up, I've since fitted gel pads, those 'party feet' things but I think they may make the boot a little tight, although cant really tell yet as feet are too sore to properly test out.

    They aren't even the 4" ones, I got medium to be on the safe side, but I just wondered if any of you girls had any ideas as to what I should do, either sole endurance exercises or boot sole cushioning :roflmfao:

    Has it happened to anyone else?
  2. What I would suggest is getting foot glide, you can get it at drug stores. It works great. Since you already have a blister, just put a bandaid on it with some neosporin and let it heal.
  3. Actually the name of the product is Band Aid Blister Block Stick. You can find it in almost every drug store.
  4. Many thanks :tup:

    It's going down pretty fast, just want to make sure I don't get another one, sooooo painful, I've ordered some Dr scholl cushions from eBay, will let you know how it goes, they look thinner than the gel ones. :wlae:
  5. I saw this product in a magazine but have never seen it in any store and I have looked! I went to R.E.I. and bought a small stick of Body Glide and that works wonders. I keep it in my purse just in case.
  6. I have to admit - I've never had blisters from my JC's.
  7. It's more the feet that are the problem as opposed to the JC's, no discomfort at all in all the expected places, I'm to used to Timberland boots and shoes, they are so thick soled and kinda padded, plus generally flat! Plus all the foot grooming to keep the skin soft in this instance has not done me any favours. Nevermind, must harden up, hubby threatened me with 'crocs' so suddenly the pain became bearable! :graucho: