Jimmy Choo Bags!

  1. Hi guys, still new. Thanks for the feedback on the Cashmere Mafia IDs :smile: Can't wait for the show to really find out what those bags are!

    I've been peeking at you guys' fun conversations, and I guess I've finally gathered the courage to speak up a bit myself! I wanna share my infatuation with the Jimmy Choo Ruse with ya'll, too! :smile:

    Thoughts? My BFF thinks the Ramona is better, but I really like the slouchy Ruse look! Has anyone seen this bag in person? How do you wear it anyways?


  2. That's a gorgeous bag!
  3. There is a whole thread about Jimmy Choo. Check it out. I have the Ramona in that style and love it.
  4. Will a mod please move this to the Jimmy Choo subforum? I think our new member would get more responses there. Thanks. :flowers: