Jimmy Choo Anyone?

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  1. Hey, I saw these two Jimmy Choo bags recently and was curious what you guys thought of them. The first is in leather, and second in canvas....what do you think?

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  2. Hi, Soybean001!
    Personally, I am not sold on either bags. The shape is odd and the color makes it difficult to coordinate with an outfit.
  3. I agree with baglady. The color is unusual and the shape is questionable. Maybe they are fab in person but to me this is not Jimmy Choo, they are usually much nicer looking with structure and a spashy color. I kind of think these look cheap, but like I said in person they maybe completely different.
  4. hey guys, thanks for the feedback! I was feeling mixed on these...wanted to know what others thought. It certainly is a break from the more structured look of choo (which are very nice bags) I think I am looking towards making a break from my regular style of bags (black, simple, laid back....i.e. tods, gucci, BV) I've been contemplating lately, a nice rich red, perhaps a balenciaga or a hogan.....or maybe, pewter balencaga....Then I started thinking, "oh, these bags would look nice in black!" I even started looking towards a simple black burberry. My fiance rolled his eyes at this!!! He's trying to make me break away!!!
  5. I wanted a black handbag for the longest time too but everytime I see a handbag I like, I always go for the non-black because I always assume I can pick up a black bag so easily next time. And now I realize I don't even own a black handbag in my collection at all! :lol:
  6. Irissy, that is funny!:biggrin: