Jillian on Good Day LA - Fox Network

  1. does anyone watch this telecast of good day LA? I love it and watch it every morning from 7:30 to 9 while I get ready for work. Jillian is silly, funny and corny all in one, and they have gossip, news and local events all kind of mish-moshed into one 'show'

    but lately, I have to ask who the hell is doing Jillian's makeup & wardrobe??? She has boobies falling out everywhere and her makeup looks like the Count from Sesame Street!!!:wtf:
  2. I remember when Good Day Live was on. I couldn't stand her. She just seemed so off topic. I would have love to see Steve and Dorothy with someone else rather than them getting rid of both of them for the two girls who I thought were worst than Jillian. I can take Jillian in small doses.
  3. She is my fellow Canadian!:lol: I remember when they were looking for Kathy Lee's replacement, she was Regis's co-host! I thought she was pretty funny! She is really out there! I haven't seen her since.:shame:
  4. Is Good Day LA still on? I used to watch it in every morning before I started my current job which requires me to be @ work by the time market opens :shrugs: She's always so loud and out there, really woke me up in the morning :shame:
  5. I LOVE Jillian! When I'm in LA I always watch the show! I used to watch Good Day Live when it was on. I was very upset when they got rid of her. But yes, I do love her! Always have! She is sooooo down to earth and says whatever is on her mind. I love her personality - so cute!
  6. I think she got married over the weekend.
  7. YA she got married over the weekend - her photos look ssooo pretty - she should hire whoever did her hair and makeup for the show.

    this morning was sooo funny because her dress was super skimpy and her implants were swinging around trying to get out and she was trying to camaflouge it by holding a coffee mug right in front of her cleavage hahhha

    but yea, she is back to doing good day live or whatever from 9-10 but that show format is pretty boring - they have a guest on the show who is trying to promote something or other and it is sooooooooooo snoozy boring. the good stuff happens before 9 am.
  8. i dont know who she is but i was :lol: @ ^^
  9. I love her, she is so corky..
    she's HOT !! I only can see see anytime I visit MIL in LA
  10. Awwww,thanks so much for sharing the news-I LOVE her!!!!!!!! I was so sad when she left the national show.
  11. ya I totally dig her too - I just hate how she has been dressing and doing her makeup lately ... it's a bad look for her! :sad:
  12. I miss Good Day Live
  13. Yea, that's my question too! I used to love that show, but over here it used to come on at 1:00pm in the afternoon.Julian was such a crazy character, loved her! :lol:
  14. Jillian Reynolds (bikini top) with her baby son Rocco in Hawaii

    Good Day LA host and Nutrisystem spokeswoman Jillian Reynolds showed off her bikini body while in Hawaii last week with her 16-month-old son Rocco

    The 44-year-old is mother to two children, Ruby Raven, three, and 16-month-old Rocco Rio.
    She went make-up free, seemingly happy to go natural after spending most of her days in heavy studio make-up.

    Married to former marine sniper turned actor Grant Reynolds, the couple have been married for nearly five years.

    I am shocked her son is 16mos old and her stomach still looks like that. Interesting