jige in black chamoix???

Sep 6, 2006
Dear Experts,

i urgently need a nice( but not too expensive) black clutch bag!!!i am invited for many important xmas-parties....
i thought i could take jige elan..my SA found me a black chamoix-its currently under reservation but good chances not to be sold-
What do you Ladies think about the style and leather combo?
isnt it too old-ladish?
too sensitive?
Does it ages well?
Do you have anything else in mind for around max 2.500USD???
All opinions are welcome!!!


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
I think the Jige is a lovely evening clutch for events that are not too formal because IMO the large leather H closure makes this a more casual bag. How about the JPG Kelly clutch, in evergrain with gold HW? I think these are a tad more expensive but you can get more inside and they are a tad bit more versatile.


Mar 6, 2006
You know I love the JPG Kelly too! :yahoo: I'm actually thinking of getting mine with gold hw because DH pointed out last night my Evelyne has PH so I should maybe go for GH this time. :sweatdrop: I do love gold hw.
Anyway, if the Jige has contrast stitching I would say no, but if not in black I think you could pull it off for evening. :confused1: But the JPG would be more formal. It's around $3,200.