Jewelry Box in Action!!

  1. wow,gorgeous :heart::graucho:
  2. LOVE! where can I get one???:loveeyes:
  3. Dayhum!!!
    And to think that my push gift was some flowers and a bottle of perfume!

  4. Thanks so much! I had a very difficult pregnancy as i was hospitalized for preterm labor at 25 weeks. Luckily everything worked out and my little girl is now 7 months old. :smile:
  5. This is my first time posting in this thread!

    I know Tiffany has a similar design, but I bought this bangle from an artisan at a festival this weekend, and I've worn it every day since. It's sterling silver, hammered, in a great size for me (I have a 5 1/4" wrist!!) and was only $38! :biggrin:
  6. My rose gold small daisy key from Tiffany's . I m so into rose gold:smile:
  7. My high school graduation gift : RTT bracelet :smile:
    I love it so much !
  8. I don't wear necklaces, but I would definitely wear both you have pictured. Elegant classics!
  9. Your nails! :woohoo:
  10. Congrats :smile:
  11. I love jewelry from my travels.
    I picked up these 22k earrings at a gold market in Sanaa, Yemen.
    20130709_050216_1-hires.jpg 20130709_050528_1-hires.jpg
  12. Ohhhhh beautiful dangles!! There's nothing like the buttery richness of high karat yellow gold. And I love to shop the souks, obtaining several nice pieces from Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan. Of course, it helps that some of the sellers/goldsmiths are friends of the family. ;)
  13. which molecule is the second necklace? I remember there is a store in etsy...
  14. Serotonin. :smile:

    The Etsy store is "Made with Molecules".
  15. I just looked at it on etsy, I thought it is a serotonin, but the picture on etsy is reverted, mirror-like. Looks great, need one!