Jewellery collection building

Hello fellow jewellery lovelies,

I am wanting to build a classic jewellery collection. I have some pigmentation on the nape of my neck from a metal reaction. I don't know what piece of jewellery caused the reaction or what the metal is I reacted too.

What metal would you recommend I build my collection on? I can't afford platinum. I am pale skinned (I never tan but do get freckly), with dark brunette hair with natural red tones.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 13, 2011
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I would first figure out what metal you had a reaction to before you start building a collection...

Also you can develop an allergy over time.

I've never really heard of issues with gold or platinum. So maybe stick with that so you dont react? One way to save is get a standard no brand chain, even from like macys and then change the pendant


Jul 2, 2014
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It might not be the metal that caused the reaction, but rather the type of jewelry. If you have chains that have a twisted design or have lots of little pockets in them that you wear into the shower, soap can get trapped between the links and cause a reaction over time.


Nov 21, 2006
I had a necklace I made that gave me a rash on the back of my neck. It was beading. It turned out that I didn't finish the clasp tightly enough and a wire was poking me in the back.

You might check the way the finding is finished to be certain it is a metal allergy rather than just a bit of something poking and scratching you as you move around.

I am allergic to nickle, but have never had a problem with platinum or 18kt gold...
I have this issue and nickel or mystery metals does this to my skin, also copper.
Which metals/carat can you wear without a problem?

Maybe a visit to a dermatologist to get a medical opinion?
I don't know if a dermatologist can do anything? Will the marks fade or will they be there all the time?

The only area that is affected is my neck.
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Nov 21, 2006
see my response above ^^ I had a necklace with a stray wire that was poking me. If the rest of the necklace is fine and you don't have a reaction and they are made from the same metal, then it is likely something mechanical.

If the necklace and clasp are made from different materials, then it is likely it is the clasp.


Jul 21, 2006
Maybe pm Tpf member Ame. I know she has an allergy to ANY type of gold and can only wear platinum. HTH


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Aug 26, 2009
I stay away from silver, costume and anything less than 14k. I am usually ok with 14k, however bought bar studs off of Etsy and they caused a rash and sore and were supposed to be 14k. They were turning an odd reddish on the metal, think they were mixed with copper. I used to consider my allergies a pain, but because of it I am very selective with my jewelry purchases and have no regrets.

I only wear gold, preferably YG. And 18k or above is the best for me.