Jessica Simpson's Blur Handbag

  1. I recall seeing quite a few posts about Jessica Simpson's latest bags. I found this in the new issue of L&S mag - thought it might be of some help (for those who want to see the bag better or see how it carries). According to the text - this is the Blur leather satchel. I wonder if the leather's very delicate or if JS is just clumsy w/her bags - if you look closely (esp on the 1st & 2nd pix) there's a big "blob" on the front of the bag and another one on the strap (you can actually see the mark on the strap in all 3 pics)
    blur1.jpg blur2.jpg
  2. Ive only seen one blur bag IRL and I really really liked the leather a LOT. Its very distressed and very imperfect, either you love it or you hate it! Lots of variation in the tonality. Looks handstained. And very soft, too. I think they are from the UK? (not sure)
  3. I was wondering what on Earth she did to that bag.
  4. not a fan... she looks much better with structured bags, imo
  5. I see the blob.
    I like her shoes more than her bags. IMO
  6. Thanks! I was one of the ones wondering about this bag... I really like the strap and It's bigger than I imagined, but I think I still like it.

    Am I the only one who has problems finding a decent sized bag that isn't huge? They're either too big or too small... the search continues!
  7. I actually *like* this bag... it would great for school!
  8. It looks very nice! I bet it would be a great bag to carry books!
  9. Hi shop intuition has them in stock now for anybody that is looking

  10. Absolutely right. I've seen and tried on Blur bags, and had actually posted a question here on tPF if anyone's heard of them...anyway, the leather is very soft, almost delicate. Local boutique here (Margaret O'Leary) carries that line. I do like the bags, but they're pricey.
  11. I bet she's either
    a) paid to wear the bag
    b) given the bag to her complimentary
  12. I dislike how old and ratty this bag looks. Luxury bags are supposed to be perfect, not distressed and all torn.