Jessica For Allure

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  2. I like the cover shot! Not sure about the evening gown in a shopping cart, wth?? I haven't read the articles however.
  3. When does this mag hit newstands?
  4. I read it on the airplane last week. It's here now!
    I think she looked great in these pics.
  5. I really don't care for her Gwen Stefani/Christina Aguillera haircut.

  6. Swanky are you getting sneaky on me or have I just been busy with work? Where did you go?

    I love Allure. I have that magazine, but I haven't gotten to Jessica's article yet.
  7. I don't know if her expression is a result of the photographer requesting a certain look, or if it is a result of botox, but she looks out of it.
  8. i usually buy allure... i didn't buy this issue. she looks so out of it
  9. she looks great on the cover, i don't know about the other 2 pictures.
  10. :yes:
  11. Was the cover shot airbrushed to make her nose look straighter?
  12. Yuuucckkk
  13. The second pic seems like she's on drugs..
  14. she looks great..
  15. She looks pretty!:supacool: