Jessica Alba's bag NOT the blue one

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  1. I know its a reissue. But what size is it and what's the color?

    Also, anyone know if its still available??

    Thanks peeps. You are all stars!
  2. I Think It's The Bronze Metallic Reissue. Not Sure Of The Size: 226 Or 227
  3. i'm guessing it's a 28 x 17 cm ~ or 228 if it's from a previous season ~ not sure of the colour ~ i've posted what i have been advised will be available in the UK boutiques on the red metallic thread ~ :smile:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Bronze in 227 I think.
  6. wow. that's pretty. is it still available?
  7. That looks like the Dark Gold Reissue that I just got! It photographs kind of "bronzey" but is more of a tannish gold in person. That one looks like the 227 size cause mine is the 226.

    I'd never seen one of these before. Everyone says they were a limited release.
    bronze1.jpg bronze2.jpg bronze3.jpg bronze4.jpg
  8. It's the 2006 Dark Gold 2.55 (reissue) in the 226 size.:yes:
  9. is she tiny in real life? if that's the