jersey for chanel

  1. Can anyone give me some advice on chanel bags in this fabric ?(pros and cons.) I have a chanel classic flap jumbo in jersey on order. I have several bags in other styles all leather.The sa recommends that I scotch guard.I'm nervous about doing that .Everything I've ever owned that was scotch guarded seemed to still show dirt. (furniture and my cars interior)Thanks so much:flowers:
  2. I won't buy anything but leather personally for that very reason. BUT, I always Scotch Guard the interiors of my bags that are not lined in leather and I TOTALLY recommend it.
  3. I don't buy any type of canvas bag for this reason . I always get makeup on everything even though I wash my hands after primping ? ! Definitely scotchguard .

    Which bag ?
  4. Thank you Swanky. The bag is a red Jersey classic flap Sophialee:flowers:
  5. I've heard of this ! It's a true red , red huh ? What size ?
  6. Jumbo size.It sounded beautiful, I should get it some time next week.
  7. Dying to see pics !
  8. there's pics here. . . I posted at least one in my thread about more pisc of F/W
  9. Yep Swanky I think the picture you posted is the one I will be getting thanks soo much!!