Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer??

  1. I know it is almost fall, but i still like a little tan. I just picked up Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, the one for fair skin tones since my skin is very light. It is supposed to create a natural looking tan. Anyone ever try this product before??? Did you have any results or luck??? I used it yesterday, and i think my skin tone has darkened a little bit but i can't expect much because I've only used it once yet. Any luck?
  2. It worked fine for me, but it does take a while. Make sure you wash your hands after you apply or they will start looking really orange!

    As far as daily tanning lotions go, I like Dove Energy Glow better than Jergens. It smells better and the color was more natural on me.
  3. I have used it in the past, but had to stop because the scent was way too much for me. Personally, I Like Hawaiian Tropics Island Glow, better. The scent is much more bearable. Even with fair skin (I'm very fair as well) I recommend using the medium-medium tan shades.
  4. I'm just starting on my fourth tube of Jergens Natural Glow :smile: It's the best gradual self-tanner IMO, and I've tried pretty much everything - Dove, L'Oreal, Aveeno, Neutrogena, Olay, you name it ...It gives me the most believable color of all.I agree that the smell is unpleasant, but it doesn't bother me that much
  5. I used this all summer and I think it looks very natural. It does smell bad, but I've used some that smell worse.
  6. I'm pretty pale but I got frustrated with the light skin tone one and had to use the medium. I'm using a different brand now that smells better but I'm lazy about using it so I don't use it enough to know how well it works.
  7. It is my favorite in this category as well. Natural-looking and doesn't streak.
  8. I havent tried the body one, but i have the jergens natural glow face moisturizer and it did NOTHING for me =/
  9. I am SUPER pale but use the medium shade...I really like it :smile:

    Haven't tried it on my face, though...too scared! LOL
  10. Wow...I'm apaprently the only one who actually likes the smell!!!

    I love it. Not only does it give me some color, but it's been the best facial mositurizer for me!
  11. I used it for a while the year before last. I was so brown right in my chest area...when I wore a low V-Neck it looked like the girls belonged to someone else, but that was the only place that got really tanned, in spite of me practically baithing in it. It was splotchy on me and the smell made me gag. Any place you have any kind of scar, the Jergens is going to avoid tanning there and leave you with this big white spot. I haven't tried the Dove stuff. I'm gonna have to start using a tanning moistuizer again because when I started school and work I didn't have enough time to hit up the tanning bed twice a week. I can go tomorrow afternoon after work tho!! I'll try the Dove stuff.
  12. I've used many times in the past, three tubes to be exact. I liked it only because it turned my fair/light skin into a bronze medium tone. I used the Medium Skin one. The true bronze color takes about five days and fades within few days if I don't reapply.
    I stopped purchasing this brand because the smell was horrible. Based off reviews on the makeupalley - Hawaiian Tropic is a good buy too.
  13. i thought i liked it but then i noticed that whenever i showered, some parts would fade or wash off leaving me with uneven tones everywhere....really bizarre...i dunno, came off way too easily for me.
  14. I didn't like the smell either. I am super pale but I've learned over the years to always go a shade darker, i.e. medium tone, for self tanners. It didn't make me took dark but was just right.
  15. I have purchased every tinted moisturizer known to mankind and did a pretty good job but when the daughter of one of my son's soccer teammates (she's about 7) asked why my legs were orange, I stopped. the only thing that worked halfway decent was Loreal and it was with spf 15. It didn't streak, etc. I haven't found anything that makes a good product that makes you look like you haven't applied tanner. Sorry.