Jenny Cadine's New Rebecca Minkoff Beauties! WOWEE!

  1. As requested by Jenny Cadine, I have resized her pics to be able to be posted on TPF!


    Black MA with pyramid studs, the Eggplant MAM, and the Dark Gray Nikki.

  2. Aren't you sweet. I :heart: you.
  3. Absolute Beauts!!!!

    LOVE them all....esp the MAM in Eggplant!!!!

    Do you have a particular fave Jenny????

    GUNG ROCKS!!!!!
  4. I :heart: that Nikki
  5. I love how they look out in the natural! By the way, Jenny Cadine, how did you get the handles of the bags in your pics to stay up straight like that?
  6. I absolutely love the black MA. She's a stud!!
  7. The eggplant is tdf! :biggrin: Great collection! Props to GUNG :biggrin:
  8. Eggplant is my favorite child at the moment. Until Tangerine comes.
  9. Nice Nikki! And I really like that eggplant shade.
  10. after looking at these pictures... im in love with the dark grey color! thanks for posting!! i like em all!
  11. I am really taking a liking to the studded MA :heart: The color is absolutely gorgeous on it!
  12. I'm sure I don't know what you mean, dearie.:angel:

    I'm glad y'all like the black studded MAB. I almost sold her down the river (eBay) but she's really grown on me.
  13. ^the handles arent flopping over; they are erect and straight in the air??
  14. LOL GUNG, I was JUST reading the thread about Saggy MAs... ohh boy my mind is in the gutter hahaha
  15. The tangerine's going to look so good with her sisters! Congrats Jenny!!