JC Ramona on sale at NM online (links inside)

  1. NOOOOOO:noggin::banned:
  2. thanks so much! I decided to return the bordeaux ramona I got because it was a little too scratched up. Just ordered the camel one!
  3. woohoo!!
  4. The camel is gorgeous!
  5. I CAN'T!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. I'm SO tempted...

    I've been looking for a camel/tan bag...BUT do I really need two Ramonas??
  7. I am so glad I don't like the color!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. YES:queen:
    You can never have too many Ramonas:yahoo:
  9. :rolleyes: Robyn, you are such an enabler!;)
  10. ^^^ I concur! I'm trying REALLY hard to be good! :angel:
  11. I have THREE Ramonas as I look at this tan one. (SuLi, Robyn is dangerous to us with Choo OCD!) but this one IS on sale! hhmm...
  12. HEY........ just because I am becoming a "Purse-onal shopper" as DH calls me, :roflmfao: you have to admit, you can NEVER have to many Choos:yahoo: