jc laptop sleeve

  1. so the juicy couture laptop sleeve i want was *just* on Saks.com and now it's gone! i missed the first time it was on and got really excited that they put it back on but now the color i want is sold out again...:cry: . my mom finally gave me her credit card to order it and it's gone, gone, gone...

    so my question is...has anyone seen it anywhere else? in a store near you? in another store???? i know it's on Net-A-Porter but after the taxes it's $50+ more and the rents would so not go for that.

    here's a pic, it's so cute!!!!
  2. bummer! I'll let you know if I see one at the Saks here.
  3. thank you! :amuse:
  4. It's very cute! I wonder if it would fit my 12" laptop.

    I told my bf instead of the apple laptop sleeve I saw awhile ago, I wanted the jc one. He rolled his eyes at me... ha
  5. i bet it would. the measurements are 11"H X 13¾"L X 2"W. haha i need the biggest size because my laptop is so big!

    when i need to take my laptop to school i know i'll get criticized for it. ugh, high schoolers!