Jaune update

  1. I've been calling around today and here's what I found in stock.

    Barney's Chestnut Hill: City, work, pt
    Barney's Copley: Day

    Barney's NY: city with RH and GH, and “satchel” (besace?)

    Neiman Marcus Westchester/White Plains: Work

    I forget which but one of the Barney's SAs said they didn't make Jaune in Twiggy (since it's what I'm looking for I asked about it) and I was like, but I've seen them on the purse forum! :yes:

    No answer at balnyc
  2. Hahaha. If they don't have it, I guess in their mind that = "it wasn't made."
  3. are the barneys (MA) bags regular or GH?

  4. livethelake, the day is definitely regular hardware. The others, I'm not sure. I'm looking for a twiggy so I didn't ask a ton about those.. but you could call and ask!
  5. Thanks CT!

    Also as of yesterday there were none at Saks in San Antonio (I've got my SA hunting for me too) LOL

    I am sure AR will be getting a second shipment in soon!
  6. Somebody else said Barneys buyers did not order the twiggy.
  7. ^^^^neither did Neiman marcus....so don't waste time calling them!

    I just emailed AR to get an update on their twiggy inventory!
  8. neiman marcus in sf has a jaune GSH work...
  9. I was at the Barney's in Chicago this past weekend, and the SA said that they did not carry twiggy's any more :sad:.
  10. That makes me laugh, I have a jaune twiggy with rh.
  11. I spoke to the guy who supposedly does the Balenciaga handbag buying for Barneys and he acted surprised that the Twiggy came in juane. I got mine from Aloha Rag. I can't decide if I want juane in the City or Twiggy though.

  12. I was at a Barneys last night and was told that the twiggy has been discontinued and that they are not going to ever be receiving any again.
  13. :yahoo: ctgrl414 thank you so much. i :heart: and thank you. i have been looking for a day jaune w/rh everywhere. your tip for the bag at copley barneys was perfect. i am having the bag shipped in two days, so hopefully get it on Wednesday. once again, thank you so much.

  14. YAY! I'm glad I could help someone out. I actually considered the bag in day after seeing sammydoll's but I'm holding out for twiggy (or city if I get impatient). Congrats and I can't wait to see pictures!!

    I called AR yesterday after posting this, and they told me they had a jaune twiggy so I started freaking out and they were like we need to check we will email you. They DID have one, but it was already sold (someone snatched it up right away) and they sent me an apologetic email.. heres what AR has in Jaune:

    "We do have the Jaune in the City, Work, Giant City w/ giant silver hardware, Giant Brief w/ giant silver hardware, and Giant Day w/ giant silver hardware. We are still waiting for the First and Step."

    hmm..city with GSH? I'm considering taking the bait
  15. Jaune is the Twiggy...:drool: