Jauen Day or violet Hobo??

  1. I only have enough for one more bag this year and I am very conflicted I love the Jaune Day with RH but I am on three waitlists for a violet hobo with SGH or GGH. I don't kow which on to get. I know a lot of people don't like the hobo but I LOVE it!:confused1:
  2. Also I dont' even know if anyone is going to get the hobo. BALNY told me they already received some but no one here seems to have one and they didn't call me and i know I am pretty high on the list.
  3. I LOVE the Hobo, too, and hope to get one soon. I say Violet SGH Hobo!!!
  4. Violet!
  5. hmm... how about a violet day?
  6. Violet anything!!!!
  7. violet, no question about it for me
  8. saw the violet RH day yesterday IRL and it was stunning!!!! so try to get the violet day instead! :p
  9. my violet rh day arrived from aloha rag the other day...it is beautiful!! i love the color!!
  11. :heart::yahoo:Anyone have a pic of the violet daybag with
    sgh or ggh???