jasmin or damier speedy???

  1. ok. so I've been saving for a damier speedy thirty (it will still be a while yet) but recently saw a red epi jasmin used that is more accessible for my price range. owners of either, which would you prefer? i only have the speedy 25 in my collection right now (plus a pomme agenda and framboise koala wallet)... i just don't know what will be more useful... so the question is... should i keep saving for a damier thirty or get a preloved red epi jasmin now???
  2. *bump*
  3. I'd probably try to get the Jasmin right now, the Speedy will be around for awhile since it's permanent. Plus, red epi is just so gorgeous. :yes:
  4. Jasmin!!!
  5. my vote goes for jasmin too!!
  6. I would get the Jasmin... it's so much prettier than a Damier Speedy, IMHO!
  7. Jasmin, you already have the 25, you can hold out a bit longer for the 30!
  8. red jasmin is hot!!
  9. The Jasmin, but you've already been told that. My boss wanted a red jasmin too b/c it's just so unique, easy to open and use and just plain adorable :love: I totally agree !
  10. Jasmin!
  11. The Jasmin is sooo pretty!
  12. go for the jasmin, speedy is not going anywhere
  13. ITA :yes:
  14. The red jasmin! since you already have the speedy 25. The epi jasmin definitely more classy!
  15. I'm a Damier Speedy 30 enabler, but the jasmine is such a classy bag. I'd say go for the Jasmine.