Japan Shopping Spree - Which Toki bags should I get???

  1. A friend is going to Japan next month and since I see so many Tokidoki bags in the Japanese website, I gather there are a lot of past Tokidoki bags available there. What do you think I should get??? I am much more excited than she is actually. :p

    She told me that since she is also going on a shopping spree herself, she is only able to maybe get me 3 bags. Huh??? What am I to do? I don't even know where to begin. Maybe some of you can give me some tips on which 3 bags I should get. Thanks!!
  2. Look for rare foresta and tan playground bags if they still have any left...
  3. Wow, those (tokidoki in general) will be costing A LOT in Japan. And I agree, Playground and Foresta!!

    Man, I miss my other home... * :drool: and :crybaby:over thinking of japanese food*
  4. I think they will be pricey there, won't they? I had a friend just come back from Tawain and he said they were a lot over USA retail. But if you must....yes get the foresta and tan PG
  5. You'll be lucky if you'll be able to afford one bag - I went to both Lesportsac stores in Tokyo; A stellina was 23,500 Yen = roughly $200 USD! They only had Spiaggia & I saw a famiglia Zucca behind the sales counter. Not sure about if they sell them in any dept stores, but even so, they're bound to be pricey!
  6. sorry, but japanese websites are selling the stuff from USA, seems to me. and their prices are closer to USA retail prices as well. in Tokyo Lesportsac main store they had only Tutti, Notte, Spiaggia and Adios Star. Famiglia seems to be quite popular, wonder why...
    and the prices are Tokyo High - Campeggio, Ciao Ciao, Buon Viaggio and Gioco are priced around 28,500 yen.
    I tried to ask for Toki bags in department stores and they had stashed away 2-3 bags in recent styles, no discounts...
  7. oh wow, that is a bit of a let down. :/

    Yeah, Japan is quite pricey when it comes to branded things. Although it's really not as bad as buying from Canada ( where everything is wrapped in taxes.. ew ).

    Ahhh i miss japan.. they rule the cutie stuffs world!!~