Jane Krakowski White Dress Hearty for Heart Health

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  2. I think she looks very fresh!I love her dress!
  3. I love her dress as well! They both look great!
  4. She looks quite nice...

    who is she?
  5. EEEEWWWWWW, her feet are bulging out of her shoes!!!!!

    I hate when people buy/wear shoes that clearly don't fit them.....I mean, who is she kidding????
  6. Shoes aren't so great but I like her dress.
  7. haha that's soo funny..just look at her feet! her pinky toe is like way on its own!
  8. Cute dress.
  9. She's pretty and I really like the dress.

    ......her roots are kinda bugging me. :upsidedown:
  10. She looks very pretty!Nice dress!
  11. OMG this just reminded me of Ally MacBeal. She was my favourite actress in the show... I wondered whereabouts she'd been!!!
  12. ^ohhh i know! i miss ally so much:sad:

    they look very happy & summery.
  13. She looks great. I've always liked her since Ally McBeal.
  14. Her and Kristin Chenoweth both look adorable!