Jamaican Multi Jaquard?

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  2. The Jen is already up on nordies.com in this color. Sorry this subforum is kind of hard to keep up with sometimes!!

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  3. This is Bangin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!
  4. I think the shape is cute.
  5. I just went to Nordies and don't see the bags? Did I misunderstand?
  6. I think the first one is a hidden link, the jen has the color option but the other jacquard bags don't. At least when I checked..
  7. MAN I love this color, and 395.00 is not bad.
  8. it reminds me of the marley hill shape
  9. ^^That's what I was thinking
  10. Me too :graucho:
  11. :drool:
    me likeyyy!
  12. yaaay that is really cute! I love the shape.
  13. I think i want one!
  14. OMG...SWOON... i am so glad i didn't get a mulit bag now!!! I want THAT bag
  15. Hi. I am new to this forum and to LAMB handbags. I previously purchased a lamb handbag from Nordstroms about 3 months ago and am now hooked. Just curious where else you can purchase Lamb bags other than Nordstroms and if they are ever on sale anywhere else? Also, just wanted an opinion as I am looking for my next lamb handbag and am undecided on a few. Has anyone seen the rainforest ombre patent bag in person or has purchased it? I am not that big on patent bags, but this one looks so awesome. Is the favorite lamb handbag style the mandeville? Any help would be appreciated. thanks.