Jade Edith - What would you do?

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  1. So i finally received my Jade Edith, but there are marker marks on the bag. The boutique i bought it from wouldn't do anything about it. They refuse to take it back (40% final sale), and would not send it out for cleaning. They said even if they did, they cannot guarantee the outcome of it.

    The inner flap pocket has dots all over the leather. They claimed that it's a manufacturer "defect".

    2nd pic is taken under different camera settings.

    Not sure what to do now...granted it was 40% off retail, but it's still a great deal of money. And i expect a perfect bag. i'm just disappointed at their service and would NEVER shop there again.
  2. Hmm, those definitely don't look right to me, and it's something I would be unhappy with. I think you might want to talk with your credit card company. Possibly dispute the charge as you purchased an item that is defective.
  3. The credit card option is reasonable. My jade Edith is in a box in the basement, waiting for Xmas morning! When I bought it, also at a good price, there was a little scuff mark on it. I decided to take, figuring that I would probably scuff it myself pretty quickly. However, since I was standing there holding it, I had more of a choice than you did. The marks in the inside pocket wouldn't bug me as much as the marker. That would bug me, too. Hope it work out for you!!!!!!
  4. that's terrible! you could definitely file a dispute with your credit card co and explain the store didn't tell you it was on sale because of any marks and also that you know this style and color is on sale elsewhere without any defects. i'm so sorry and good luck!
  5. Did you purchase it from AR? If they are admitting that it is a "manufacturer defect", then you should be entitled to a refund or exchange because the item is faulty. It looks like they don't want a faulty bag back!

    As a last resort you could contact Chloe directly, but I don't know how helpful they'd be. Does the bag appear to have been used?
  6. Gosh... I'm not familar with you consumer protection laws in the US, but here in Australia if something is faulty you are entitiled to a refund... it does not matter if you bought it on sale... Maybe ring the gov dept that deals with those matters for further info? Did you buy it over the net?
  7. :heart: sale or no sale, I would also expect a perfect bag unless otherwise stated... a scuff is something u can't always prevent in leathers (i've seen them on other new ediths), but this-- what looks like marker marks--seems like something that would bother me too... does other parts of the bag seem used? Was it an online store? if it was, I would send these pics to them...or if it is an actual boutique, perhaps you can bring ur bag back and ask to talk to the manager and show them the condition of the bag...unless u already tried this...
  8. If the store pointed out the marks as the reason for the reduced price before you purchased the bag, then they don't have to accept a return (unless something they didn't point out is wrong as well).

    But, if they did not and it was just marked down in a regular sale, then they do have to accept a return and refund you. :yes:
  9. I actually purchased it from Kirna Zabate, they said they inspected the bag and there are no marks. The manager Sharon claimed that the never open up the pockets, so they could never tell that there are marks in the inner flap pocket. It is a new bag without a doubt, not used at all. She kept saying they wouldn't sell a defective bag. So i asked her gave her a few options: reduce the bag further (because i really want to keep it), or send it out for cleaning.

    They wouldn't do either. i also emailed the pics to KZ,. i guess pleasing the customer isn't their first priority. This is my first chloe and such a huge disappointment :sad:
  10. You should return it. That's unacceptable. I wouldn't want them to keep my business. You'll find another bag I'm sure!
  11. Did they ship it to you? Or did you buy it in person?
  12. They wouldn't let me return it either because they insist that it's a final sale. It was shipped to me, i would never have bought it if i saw it in person.
  13. i couldn't go the credit card route either, cos my SIL paid with hers. The thing with Kirna Zabate is that you have to fax in your credit card info before they allow you to make a purchase. They don't take CC numbers over the phone. And since it was a weekend when i placed the order, i did not have access to a fax machine. My SIL purchased from them before so she agreed to pay first and i pay her back later. i really don't want her to go through all that dispute with her CC because of my bad experience with ZC. Needless to say, i'm never gonna purchase anything from them ever again, no matter how tempting the discount could be.

    i sent them the pics and never got a response back.
  14. Such is the problem buying sight unseen! I think I could put up with the interior marks because nobody sees them from the outside, but I hope the mark on the outside near the handle is not that noticeable. What do you think you will do now?
  15. That's terrible!:wtf:
    Whatever happened to 'the customer is always right'...?:s

    Are they suggesting that you put the marks there yourself in the hope of gaining a bit of extra money off the bag...?

    Seeing as they were supposed to have 'inspected' it before sending it to you, they didn't do a very good job.

    The inside marks wouldn't bother me, but that permanent marker pen on the outside sure would!

    I would take this further. Call Trading Standards, or the equivalent where you are, if you have to - if just to find out where you stand.:yes:

    Good luck! x