Jacksonville LV is now Open

  1. Yesterday was the 1st day for the new LV at the St John's Town Center. Is a really nice store.
    I thought it was going to have Heat stamping machine but I asked last night and they said no.:tdown:

    Out of no where my Husband actually decided to jump on the LV bandwagon and actually bought a Wallet!
    I was so proud of him!! haha.. now he cannot bug me for wanting things! :yahoo:
  2. Uh oh... now we have yet ANOTHER LV addidct on our hands! ;)

    Nice to hear the store is open!
  3. I went saturday & the store was so big!!! I want to go back again so bad. Having a louis vuitton so close to me is going to be really bad on my pockets. There were also a lot of other stores that were really nice. It was good to see jacksonville with some good shopping!!