Jackie O/Bouvier med. vs. large...

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  1. Any ladies out there own this purse? Could you share pics of it on your shoulder? I've got my eye on one in plain black leather for my next (eventual) purchase, but the measurements on the Gucci site make the large seem really huge. And I love big bags! So I'd really appreciate some modeling pics so I can have a frame of reference. :smile:
  2. hi, here's a pic of me carrying a medium sized hobo, it's very very roomy imo! oh and btw, i'm around 5'1 :smile:

  3. I'm usually in the Fendi forum, but the title of this thread got my attention. I'm a huge Jackie fan! I'm lovin' your bag! Darnit, as if I didn't have enough things to spend money on...I want this bag now! It's the prettiest Gucci bag I've seen!
  4. thanks katgrrrl!!! :smile: my first designer bag was fendi but has since then moved to gucci, lv and prada due to some um, mishaps with fendi that i wouldn't want to encounter again. :smile: why don't you try some gucci bags and see how you like them? ;)
  5. Mommy22Alyns,

    I'm getting the medium bouvier in black leather for Christmas (it was on sale at saks for 40%!!) -- once "santa claus" comes to see me, i'll try to remember to post a picture of me holding it so you can see!
  6. Medium seems like a good size. Btw, I love your Jackie O Pixie. It's my fav style.

  7. and they make the medium seem bigger than what it is. I bought one and returned it. Im a fan of big bags myself, so I think it will be too small for you.

    The large Jackie-O is not "huge". Actually, its the same size as alot of the medium hobos. Its ALWAYS in stock at the gucci store, so if there's one in your area, just stop in.
  8. thanks sunny! i have another one in red which i also love so much!:yahoo:
  9. I know this is an older thread..but that bag is gorgeous!!
  10. The 'Bouvier' is gorgeous, I have one too. Gucci no longer makethee Bouvier but do the 'original Jackie' ATM which is similar but not as flat and with a piston lock, they also sell the 'New Jackie', which is larger (in both sizes) and has a removable tassel charm.

    I still see Bouviers in on-line consignment stores etc, look out for them, they really are FAB :graucho:
  11. Hello Papertiger :smile:

    I saw one of your Bouvier bags..it was green I think? Soo soo purdy :smile: I am waiting on one similar to this gold one to be authenticated now(hope that it is authentic). I have always wanted a Boston bag until I got the Bouvier..now I am enamoured with the design, the feel, the way it looks on my shoulder...
  12. I hope I can say congratulations, I hope yours is authentic. I am better at authenticating by picture vintage bags but I shall have a look and try to help if I can.

    Yes, mine is green, it exites me every time I look at it so I know exactly what you mean :P. The model, the colour, the lightess, the size, the look, I like everything about my bag. I had an orange Jackie but the Bouvier suits me much better :yes: