Jack & Lucie


which One should I purchase???

  1. brown/Green jack & Lucie

  2. Orange/White Jack & Lucie

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  1. Which Do you Perfer? Funds can only support one!
  2. I purchased the brown and green one- its an all year round item. Goes great with monogram and damier.. Love it:heart:
  3. I have the white & orange and although it's seasonal, it looks very cute. I'd buy the olive/brown for year-round use.
  4. I bought the orange and white one, and I just can't stop looking at it. Who cares if it's "seasonal", I think it would look good on a multicolore bag year round. I would go with the orange and white, I think the other colors are too dismal...
  5. I bought the olive/brown for year-round use. I wear olive colors all the time, so it is perfect for me.
  6. I'm hoping to get to LV today to buy the dark ones. For the same reason as some others here; they will be usable all year around. :smile:
  7. Brown and Green. Much more versatile and that's most likely the type that I'm going to get!
  8. I got the white and orange. I wasn't really fond of the other colors.
  9. Both are sooo hot, but I like the orange & white best !
  10. i dont think that the white/orange are seasonal, why you cant use them all the year only because they are in the halloween colours? so i like both but in my opinion the white/orange ones are cuter and you can use them whenever you want to.
  11. I'm waiting for my orange/white to arrive and I picked up my brown/tan this weekend. I'm a little confused, are some stores getting brown/green and others getting brown/tan? I love my brown/tan as it blends in really well with my mono speedy and can be used all year. I'll just use my orange/white for the last week of September through Halloween :smile: .
  12. I like the orange/white one better even if it looks more Halloween.