Jacinda Barrett: LA Free Clinic Annual Dinner: Beverly Hills 11/20/06

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  2. I remember her from Real World London! Does anybody else?
  3. ^^ Yep. I remember her from that show too. I always thought she was so pretty.
  4. Oh wow! I didn't know that was the same girl! That's why she looks familiar to me!
  5. I also remember her from RW London. I always thought she was very beautiful :smile:
  6. ^^I agree..she's very beautiful
  7. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw these pics...wasn't she a model on that show?
  8. Yep, she was a model. She was a little bit kooky on the show with all the long princess dresses but I liked her! I think she's gorgeous too.
  9. she's soo cute .. but the 2 pockets on her dress are :shrugs:?
  10. ITA. Very free spirit.
  11. she's cute.