J12 with black diamond bezel

  1. Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know the model/part number to the 33mm black J12 with black diamond bezel. I found the 38mm but can't find the smaller 33mm. Can somebody please help and get me a model number.
  2. Hi the model number is H0949 for black 33mm with diamond bezel

  3. Thank you but how about the one with Black diamonds?
  4. I am not sure that the 33mm is sold in this configuration. Did you try calling Chanel directly to confirm?

  5. Hey I just did that...its chanel h1416 Thank you everyone! Wow that configuration is really rare!
  6. oh my, I saw a picture of this online and it is gorgeous. will you be getting one?
  7. That's such a gorgeous watch!!! I love it....sorry, though I'm no help!

  8. Hey thanks for your help tho. But yup thats the one. My dealer will get it in tomorrow and will ship it out to me soon:yahoo:. the reason im getting that one is because Im getting it for almost 50% off:nuts:.
  9. Where did you buy them? I want one too.......:yes:

  10. Hello, just wanted to say that I wish that everyone can get this deal. But the reason I got it 50% off was because it was a clearance sale on the last j12 and my SA called me to let me know, so I took it. Sorry....I wish I had that kind of a hook up for everyone here.
  11. Clearance sale on J12? I've never heard of that before. They never go on clearance. Not even if they are damaged, because they wont sell them.

    I'd like to know what store you got the watch?