J12 in Hongkong

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  1. I need HELP form Hongkong TPFers, I don't know if this is a silly question..
    Are there authorized Chanel J12 retailers in Hongkong aside from the Chanel Boutique?
    Anyone please share info. Thank you
  2. I don't think so. May I know where you are from?
  3. Manila
  4. May I know why you prefer not to buy with boutique?
  5. well i prefer purchasing at official chanel boutiques. there're a few of them here - in central, pacific place (i've heard from a friend), canton road (ground floor of harbor city in kowloon) and even at the departure levels @ hongkong int'l airport. i think buying at those official boutiques is the best alternative because they give you official guarantee for the j12 and of course, they DON'T sell fakes. :biggrin: i bought mine at amsterdam's chanel and i love it soooo much ever since - it's so easy to wear: can wear with anything, any color. :tup:
  6. There are 2 other authorized Chanel watch Dealers in Hong Kong. One in Central and another in Causeway bay. Both offer 10% off retail price.
  7. ^What's the name of the dealers please?
  8. Nscwong, I hope this helps:
    Central - on Ice House Street. The name is David watch or something. I only remember their Chinese name.
    CWB - I didn't pay attention to their name either. But it's across Lee Theatre next to Nam Kee noodles.
  9. FINALLY MY BELOVED DH BOUGHT MY J12 from Chanel Canton Road Boutique for my birthday (OCT12):yahoo::blush: ..SA Tanya was very nice.

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  10. ^:yahoo: I'm so happy for you! Happy Birthday!
  11. Thanks NSCWONG!!