j.lo is a big bright shining sun

  1. [​IMG]
  2. she looks cute in this pix.. quite natural and not fussy at all.
  3. ^^^ita
  4. I think she looks cute too.
  5. She looks like spring time!! :flowers: beautiful
  6. Apparently that day she got her hair highlighted.....I like her yellow spring dress.
  7. i love yellow!

    and that dress + sunnies!

    usually i don't like her style but this is cute :smile:
  8. Oh i love this whole look,the dress is great and she is wearing dVb sunglasses that i will soo buy as soon as i get my hands on.
    Thanks for posting.
  9. Cute, love the dress. The color compliments her pretty skin.
  10. I love those sunglasses on her.
  11. She looks great! love that dress!!!
  12. I like her dress. so refreshing ^^
  13. I think she looks fabulous! Relaxed, and casual :yes:
  14. I think she looks really cute in the picture.
  15. Gorgeous!!