J.Crew lovers...

  1. I stopped by today and saw a bunch of cute stuff for the fall - for those of you who shop j.crew, when do they usually have sales? I know they had one during the summer in July/August...just wondering when I can stock up!
  2. usually at the end of summer ... they have cute flip flops
  3. I wore J Crew when I was younger and less curvey. But now my experience is that I would have to be a board to fit into most of their clothes. My boobs, butt, and hips just don't fit into JC very well. I wish they did, because their preppy clothes are really cute. And I love their shoes. They're almost always from Italy and very high quality.

    Sorry, don't know when the sales are.
  4. I bought a plethera of things from there recently. I love Jcrew...I am curvy...and it fits me well!! (size8) anyway...on line there is a sale .... lots of good stuff. I bought a ton of shorts. AND a great pair of camo pants. Just be sure of your size as the sale stuff is not returnable.
  5. I LOVE J. Crew's chino pants. I have 3 or 4 pair :P
  6. J.Crew does a big end-of-winter sale in late January.
  7. I've always heard that JCrew makes great chinos. I've also always thought that chinos make my legs look chunkier than they do in jeans...is that just me? acegirl, which fit do you usually get?
  8. I got a sale e-mail from them today. . . maybe they added some new stuff{?}
  9. When I used to work at JCREW and when we had our sales...let's just say it can go to rock bottom prices!!! Get on their mailing list so you can get email notices for each sale online. Also with every season's roll out there are huge markdowns...Don't forget to check the sale rack placed in the dressing rooms also, sometimes you'll get nice shirts priced at 4.99 or even their wonderful dresses for 30 bucks which were all once 200. There's also a black book at the store which you can place ur info on..for futher inside notifications.

    Don't forget bout their F&F deals..and I'm pretty sure with Black Friday coming up...they will be marking a lot more items down till the end of the year.

    Happy Shopping!! :queen:
  10. There is a sale going on now.

    I posted a code for $20 off $100 in the deals and steals section.