J Brand jeans - how do they fit??

  1. Hey ladies,

    All of you that either own or have tried on J Brand jeans, I need your expertise- are they true to size, do you recommend sizing up or down?? I'm considering a pair online but have never tried them on before, so thought I should get an opinion on them before I buy.

  2. I have a pair of J Brands in the 14" black in 28. I usually wear a 6 in dress pants. I've heard from others that J Brands tend to stretch out, but mine have NOT AT ALL. They're realllllllyyyyyyy tight. I think the lighter colors tend to stretch out more, but the black ones do not. They run slightly small IMO because they are small in the upper thigh area, near the hips. But that's also because I have a bubble butt. I would say if you want them really tight, size one down, just in case they stretch out. Otherwise, if you want to be able to move in them, just buy your regular size. I love them though, so definitely try them out!!
  3. pretty true to size
  4. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your input!
  5. I just bought a pair, and they are the same size as my other jeans, so I would say they are true to size.
  6. i would say go a size down as they stretch fast.
  7. I have the J Brand 10" and the 12" skinnies, and I would suggest purchasing the smallest size you can physically slip on and button. They definitely stretch to a comfortable yet still very tight fit - no saggy rear end.
  8. i would not be scared if they seem tight at first bec they do stretch quite a bit with wear BUT they usually tighten up after yo wash them.