Ivory MJ Quilted Leather Hobo w/leather Strap _YAY or Nay?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was just curious, while I like the Stam besides being sold out, I think it is too Grandma-ish for me, so I was thinking about getting the Quilted Leather Banana Hobo with the leather strap rather than the chain one, since I heard it is cumbersome, annoying and heavy. Think for a white/cream bag that is still a good choice comparable to the Stam?

    Here is a pic.

  2. Geesh...all these views and not one reply!
  3. That's a pretty bag, more casual than the Stam though.
    I like this one w/out the patent finish.
  4. I am not a fan of hobo so I say Nay. I prefer the chalk (cream) bowler Savannah912 posted as well (like it so much that I am getting it for myself), Elise in Patent is also very beautiful.
  5. I just don't love the crescent shape.
  6. NAY i prefer the bowler
  7. I can't open any of the links up....
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