I've made my decision...

  1. I am going to LV at Manhasset Americana on Friday and as some of you know I was gonna get a whole new bag but I decided to take the money I was gonna spend and get three little goodies...
    1. Damier Small Ring Agenda
    2. Damier Azur Pochette (is this in stock in most stores b/c elux hasn't had it in a while?)
    3. Damier Porte Cartes
    I'm so excited! I realized that I really don't need another big bag right now because my Speedy is only 7 months old. Once summer comes around it'll be a different story but for now I'm good. So what do you guys think about my choices? And don't worry I'll have pictures as soon as I get home on Friday! :smile:
  2. that's the same as me...i was about to get a speedy 40 on eBay (brand new) but have decided to chill (just got my speedy 25 for v-day) and get myself a cles instead...too much too fast otherwise!!! i get so crazy sometimes...:hysteric:
  3. It's true. When I bought my Speedy (first LV) I told my bf and mom that this would be the last bag I ever bought and that's why I didn't mind spending the money on it, but joining this forum and researching LVs inspired me to buy, since August, three smaller items, and this week three more lol. I look at it as I'm really responsible with my money. So when I have th extra money to get myself some nice stuff, I don't feel bad about it. :smile:
  4. Good decision. You made a good purchase!
  5. Going with 3 smaller items is a great idea! I can't wait to see the pics on Friday!
  6. That's a great idea :smile: can't wait for piccies!
  7. I think your 3 choices are great!
  8. Great choices... can't wait to see pics! :nuts:
  9. fab choices!! cant wait for pics!
  10. Love the choices-congrats!
  11. can't wait for pics!
  12. Early congrats on your future purchases- can't wait to see the pics!
  13. great choices!
  14. yay! cant wait to see them! great choices
  15. good decision:smile: