I've got thee most stubborn hair!

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  1. :cursing:Alright so I've got thee worst stubborn hair ever! No matter what I do to it, I CANNOT keep my curls in! I don't want the look of shiny greasy hair spray in it either, I know I need a little to help. I don't know what to do to keep my curls in tact! tI've done everything I can think of:

    -Curl it.
    -After curling use hair spray
    -Switching to ionic ceramic Chi (curler/straightener)
    -I even stuck my hair in a bun after I was done curling it. It looks amazing for literally maybe 2 minutes. Then it just falls flat!

    Is there ANYTHING I can do to keep my curls in?? Do those shampoos work that say they help keep curls in? If so where do I get it! I'LL TRY ANYTHING! I've been having this problem for almost about 8 years now??:cursing:
  2. The Garnier curl line works pretty well.
  3. whats that??