I've fallenm victim: likelihood of finding a NEW Rouge Theatre?

  1. After seeing the *astonishingly* gorgeous new RT City in the main forum, I really have to have one. But I don't like used bags so my work is cut out for me. :sad:

    Any idea where such an animal might be lurking?
  2. Realdealcollection has one but it is on hold. You might check in case their buyer falls through.
  3. Talk to Corey at Real Deal and see if the RT is still available...Its the newest one I've seen described and believe me...she considers every little blemish when describing one. She will see things that no one else can see...I know! Because I bought a bag from her and she said it had 2 fingernail scratches on it that I couldn't see and the bag still had the new smell in it. Nobody's getting anything past her eyes.
  4. Wow, Ann's Fabulous Finds had a brand new one for only $1,050. Too bad you missed that one.
  5. *Sigh* I know what you mean. There was one on e*** not too long ago and I was watching it one day and the next thing you know..*POOF* it was sold. Another missed opportunity because I had an appointment that I had to keep:cursing:. Just gotta keep looking, they do show up eventually.
  6. aerynna - would I have anything to do with this dilemma of yours? :graucho:.... sorry! just be patient... if it was meant to be... it will come up for you in the condition you want... I too am NOT a fan of used bags... but sometimes with these older bags you just have to deal with it... or dont get it... I really lucked out on this one... and I'm sure one is out there for you somewhere! fingers crossed for ya sweetie! and I promise to keep an eye out for ya! just keep checking on sites like RDC or AFF...