I've fallen MADLY in love...

  1. with the Chanel J12 diamond bezel watch. :smile:

    This watch is soooo gorgeous IRL. I tried it on yesterday at Saks and did not want to take it off. I liked the black with the diamond bezel... the one that's $8650.

    Well, I have a few questions about it because I really don't know much about it. I know that it's Swiss made. The SA said that all the parts are Swiss made unlike some watches that only have some parts that are Swiss made.

    I would like my next watch to not only look good, but to be of great quality. I have a Raymond Weil watch that I have been wearing on and off for 11 years and it is a great quality watch that I have yet to have a problem with. How is the quality of the Chanel J12? Has anyone had any kind of problems with it? Does the ceramic band scratch easily? Would you say it's quality is equal to or better than a Rolex?

    I would also like to get the best possible deal if I were to purchase it. I already have a Saks credit card. I was thinking about having my husband open a Saks card and purchase on EGC day or should I wait for the friends and family discount event?

    BTW, is the J12 going to have a price increase?

    TIA. I can't wait to hear more about this watch from you lovely and knowledgeable PFers.
  2. Yes, the J12 is going to increase in price (3-6%) on April 1st.

    I have had my white J12 w/diamond bezel since beginning of last year. There's not a scratch on it.

    I just purchased my black J12 w/diamond markers during the last Saks EGC event. I love it too.

    If you had a great Saks SA I would wait and purchase during the Friends and Family event where you can get 20% off - unless there isn't one before April 1st.
  3. Oh, darn...the next EGC is not till the end of April and my SA called the manager and there isn't a friends and family scheduled any time soon.
    Mon, I love your watches...Congrats and wear them in the best of health.
  4. lovely watch. i wish to get one too. there is an EGC event on March 22.
  5. ^^ Oh, really? That's good to know...I thought I heard the end of April.

    Does anyone know if Neimans is having a Friends and Family Event anytime soon? I think I'd rather have 20% off than the gift card.
  6. I was just going to say that Saks is having another EGC event in two weeks and the Friends and Family event is May 2 thru May 5. Normally designer items do not apply, but I'm pretty sure that jewelry does.:yes: Call Damien at Saks Bala Cynwyd and ask him to confirm whether the Chanel J12's are included in the Friends & Family event.
  7. :drool: :drool: beautiful watch!
  8. yes...I love my J12 38mm diamonda bezel...not a scratch or any problems...I do however reccomend buying a watch winding box for when you are not using it because it is an automatic!!!
  9. i would love to get one too!!! :s good luck!