I've been very naughty...

  1. and just bought this one on BIN

  2. ooooohhhhhh it's pretty!! is it a box?
  3. Yes it's a box in Rouge Vif :yes:
  4. it's so pretty :smile: congrats!
  5. i love the box..it's so cute and the color is stunning.....congrats!!
  6. It's so pretty!!! Great choice!!
  7. CONGRATS! LOVE IT!:love:
  8. Thanks ladies :smile: So I now have a Blueberry Whistle, Truffle First, and a Rose City. What next? These Bbags are SO addictive :graucho:
  9. Your red box is soooo cute! I have been contemplating buying one, too. Either the rouge vif or rouge theatre, it one exists!:love:
  10. I LOVE it! And one of my absolute favoruite colours of all time...congrats!!!
  11. The new French Blue and Aquamarine colors are gorgeous. Maybe a new bag in one of those colors.....a twiggy perhaps? :smile: Love your new Rouge VIF box.....very pretty!
  12. Sooooo pretty!!!! congrats :love: I adore the color :smile:
  13. :drool: :drool: BEAUTIFUL! And she looks so soft and squishy too! :yes:
  14. Oh, that rouge vif Box is TDF! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  15. Very nice. The box style is a great choice!