It's war! {Hills stars} -updated

  1. I've been seeing this all over the place and decided it was time to post:
    here's TMZ's info, I'll post another one in a moment:

    [​IMG]Spencer and Heidi: Out for Revenge

    Posted Aug 7th 2007 4:22PM by TMZ Staff

    After a six page article popped up in US Weekly bashing Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, courtesy of Lauren Conrad, the two have been showing up everywhere to take LC down with them.
    The terrible twosome called into "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" today to string up some more dirty laundry -- saying they were "shocked" by the article and calling it "literally a hate piece." Pratt contends it's the first story the mag has ever done without contacting the other side for comment.

    The kvetching duo talked to Ryan about LC's sex tape leaking (they didn't release it), a threatening run-in with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, and Montag's upcoming album (described as "dance, urban, rhythmical"). The new season of "The Hills" starts next Monday.
  2. I have never seen the show so to me they seem to be famous for nothing. I wonder what they really have to fight about or they just want to get some hype for the new season?!
  3. Lol... F-listers squabbling.
  4. Team LC!
  5. FAIR WARNING!! This is pretty icky. . . from Perez Hilton:

    Heidi Montag’s boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, is putting their Hills co-star Lauren Conrad on blast.
    Many have accused the hit MTV show of being fake, but Pratt is keeping it very real in this post he just wrote on his official website.
    We love the dramz!
    “For all you Haters- Please feel free to Hate on me here on my blog/board were I actually read comments! I think it’s great place for people who can’t stand me to vent and get whatever they have to say off their chest! If it makes you feel better. But if you hate me because you think I ruined Lauren and Heidi friendship…you have your facts all wrong! Lauren ruined Heidi and Laurens friendship when she told Heidi that she could not be friends with her as long as she dated me…the fact is Lauren is in LOVE with Heidi…she used to scream at Heidi if she left her alone one night…she used to ask to get in bed with Heidi and I to cuddle in the mornings…believe what you want…when those cameras turn off LC(BEEF CURTAINS) is a completely different person…she goes back to being the spoiled brat that made her famous on Laguna Beach…excuse me…the famous Boyfriend stealer. The funny thing to me is that she says we use her for attention…when she is the one in USWeekly this week talking about Heidi and I for 6 pages…talk about a desperate loser that needs to get her own relationship to worry about OR TALK ABOUT…I mean this girl has not had one functional relationship in her whole life and she is going to try and tell Heidi how to live her life and relationships!HA The LC is a pathetic wannabe fashion designer…who can’t even dress herself and look good…how is she going to design a line…ha…it should be called BEEF CURTAINS by LC… I only call her this because this is what people like Brody Jenner, Steven Coletti, and Jason Whaler all go around calling her…IT’S SAD that she destroyed the SEX TAPE that DID EXIST…because those BEEF CURTAINS would have made her real FAMOUS! I hate even talking about LC(BEEF CURTAINS) but she continues to talk about Heidi and I in all her interviews…so until she shuts her ugly mouth…I am going to continue to tell the world the truth about LC! This is a WARNING to LC… her dad aka JOE SIMPSON JR. , Manager, Agent, and Publisist that you better warn your client that she is starting a WAR that she doesn’t want…SO STOP TALKING ABOUT HEIDI AND MYSELF…because the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL AND YOU DO NOT WANT HEIDI AND I TO TAKE A PUBLIC LIE DETECTOR TEST ABOUT ALL THE THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BEEF CURTAINS…”
  6. the reason for these 2 girls fighting is that they used to be BFFs, they lived together.
    Spencer has always been a jerk to Heidi and it made LC mad . . . one thing leads to another and Heidi was forced to choose between her BFF and her boyfriend. . . .
    only famous for being on a reality show - Laguna Beach and now the Hills.
  7. They are trying so hard to be famous, it's pathetic.
  8. I have no idea who these people are. Time to hit the 'back button'...
  9. Beef Curtains.. how very mature. Why won't Spencer just do a favor to humanity and grow up. Seriously.. that boy needs to start acting like an adult and learn a little respect. He's not in high school anymore.. maybe someone needs to alert him of that.

    Lauren is acting very mature as well. Of course when I get in a fight with my best friend the first thing that always pops into my head to mend our friendship is to call up a tabloid and divulge every single detail to them.

    And Heidi.. poor Heidi. I don't think she'll ever see Spencer as what he really is. A creep. I guess she never got the "chicks before d****" memo.

    Ohhh I'm ranting lol.... :wacko::push:
  10. I think I am now dumber for having read anything that Spencer Frat has to say. He and Heidi are the BIGGEST media whores... your 15 minutes are up!
  11. His blog remark was posted in "the hills" thread. Let me repeat what I basically wrote there. He has short man syndrome. He looks like an extra from Lord of the Rings...Hello Gollum! If I were LC I wouldn't have done the new season knowing they were going to be on it PLUS I would laugh because Heidi is basically getting what she deserves being with the him. The chicklet- toothed Lemur should realize that the clock is ticking on the whole 15 minute fame thing. Does anyone have a preview of Heidis song? This I gotta hear. I bet it's as successful as Jo from Real Housewives.
  12. I've seen some of the episodes from the Hills and it's an okay "reality" show. But it is so obvious that these people are in it for the publicity! Heidi and Spencer???? Please! Could they be any phonier? They'll be exes soon enough as soon as the exposure dies down I'm sure! and I also seem to think that Heidi is also milking it for all she can, otherwise why would she waste her time with an A-hole like Spencer? He's a real jerk!
  13. They are just annoying punk kids dieing for any sort of attention.
  14. He has GOT to be gay. There is no way that kids straight. I get so annoyed when I see any of these people in magazines...that Kristen chick too. WHO are they? Yeah, I know they have some whack show on MTV but they are still a bunch of wannabes.
  15. Heidi has an album coming out? Oh Lord...