It's too big!!!

  1. I'm fairly new to Coach . . . I've bought three for my 17 y.o. daughter and just never thought of Coach as a "grown up" bag. Well I changed my thinking and bought one in early November . . . I couldn't decide between the Ergo and the...hmmm was it a big bucket style bag from the bleeker collection?? Something like that. Anyway, ended up with this gigantic black leather Ergo for $428. I was thrilled at the time because the Coach store was right across from the Louis Vuitton store and I saw what a huge deal I was getting for a real leather purse...not getting ripped off for $1500 for a painted canvas bag (no offense to LV lovers . . . I love the darned things too). Anyway, after almost two months with this bag, I've finally decided: It's too big and bulky and I hate it. Does Coach ever take returns that are this old??? I saw one on e-bay that just went for $171....I had it on "watch" because I wanted to see what it finally went for thinking I could get rid of my bag that way, but there's no WAY I'm going to take that much of a loss! Any suggestions???

  2. Just as long its not used and you have tags attached and the receipt you'll be fine. But if you don't have the receipt you will just get merchandise credit.
  3. you could try selling it to a consignment store on eBay, or in your area, unfortunately, coach does not have a very good resell value.

    or sell it to someone you know who wants one, but isnt willing to pay retail for it.
  4. If you have not used it you can return it no problem.. if you have used it, unfortunately you are going to have to sell it on your own. I disagree... generally Coach has a pretty good resale value I think, but a lot of things head to the outlets and people can buy them so much cheaper than the retail and it makes all the prices go down. Good Luck! :okay:
  5. I would take it back to the coach store or outlet and get a merchandise credit and get what you want.... that way you get all of your money back
  6. I have been using the bag since I bought it in November thinking that I'd learn to love it . . . therefore the tags are not attached. I saved the tags as well as the receipt. Guess I could try e-bay, but as I said, there was one that just sold for $171. That might have been a knock off . . . I didn't see any mention of the bag's authenticity. I can at least produce my receipt from the Riverside Square Mall Coach store. That's good, right? (Pics attached . . . pardon the cubicle!)
    front.jpg back.jpg
  7. if it was a sold out color like plum, you'd probably get your asking price. You might get half for a black one. Just make sure you use as many good keywords in your title that you can, without keyword spamming.
  8. Since you have used the bag, I don't think you can return it to Coach. Your best bet is e-bay. Selling Coach on e-bay really depends on the style you are selling. There are some styles that are hard to find and therefore tend to have a higher resale value than others. I've sold some of my Coach bags on e-bay and even though they were hardly used and like new failed to get a high price. I was just glad to get some money out of those bags that would otherwise just be sitting in my closet unused.
  9. What is keyword spamming? Not sure I understand about the use of keywords - these can be separately identified in the ad?
  10. You cannot return a used bag to the store unless it is defective. I certainly would not want to go to the store and buy a bag and get it home to find it had been used.

    Sell it on eBay.