It's time 2 steal a bag from Mags! Fun thread!

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  1. Now we have all seen our Mags collection thread. So Amazing right?:drool:

    Well I'm letting you steal one bag from Mags. :yahoo:

    Ready, set, GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    What did you grab?:P

    P.S. I stole Winston, so :P
  2. Nothing. I would be mad if someone stole a bag from me. I wouldn't want to do the same.

    I can admire from afar or borrow.

  3. My intentions were for this to be a fun thread. Have a laugh, dream of pretty bags. Plus sweet Mags, has one of the best RM collections.
    It could have been fun to play in Mags closet, and with Winston.
    A little fantasy game, not reality.
    Thanks for the rain.
  4. Personally, I'd rather steal a bag from her Bal collection!!! :nuts:
  5. Only one? :biggrin: I was hoping to steal a few of her RM bags and one Balenciaga bag. Hehehe...
  6. Can I steal her entire closet??
  7. Old School Royal Blue Nikki :biggrin:
  8. olive nubuck boyfriend
  9. easy....FIG MAB with deep turqouise 5 zip mac inside!
  10. Easy. . her Emerald Croc MAM!! :drool: (I'll even leave the tassels on)
  11. :faint: WHOA!!!! :faint: Married life has made you soft girlfriend! :biggrin:

    I would steal MAGS Verdes 3-Zip MAC. I have the Rocker but I wish I had the MAC as well.

    And then I would pop on over to Tigi's house and steal Winston. :P
  12. oh, me next, me next!
    I'll be second in line for the Old School Royal Blue Nikki!
  13. Winston is digging some AZ sun, playing with Corkie.
  14. He will learn to love CT! Keep one eye open Tigi...I'm comin' for him! ;)
  15. Be ready to take Corkie, she won't leave his side.