It's the Manhattan GM!!

  1. I'll be getting the Manhattan GM this friday!! I only saw this once IRL in the LV boutique. I fell in love with it but didn't have the money for it. I have finally saved enough to get it. My only concerns are....

    A: is it a good daily bag?
    B: is it still considered stylish? Or would it be out of date?

    I know these are silly questions but I want to ask people who truely appericiate these kinds of things!!
  2. Hee hee you're cute. I think the Manhattan was designed to be an instant classic. I prefer the PM size because it's cuter but the GM is very nice too. The only thing is that some members here have posted that the GM is extremely heavy.
  3. Really, I didn't pick it up or anything so I didn't know about how heavy it was.. Maybe it will help me tone my arms!! LOL
  4. good choice imo
  5. I am thinking about selling mine. It is adorable, but yes it is HEAVY!
  6. I had the PM, but sold it. I like the looks of the GM more.
  7. Great option, make sure you try them one.. They PM is a good size and the GM is a lot bigger and heavier.... I think they need to make one size in between..And IMO is a bag that you can wear everyday..
  8. Congratulations! I'm so envious...I really love the GM. I think it's next on my wish list. :biggrin: To me it's a pretty classic looking style & I love big bags so I would definitely schlep that one every day. I tried it on at the boutique & I do know that the leather strap in the center gets in the way, but I still love it. Make sure you post modeling pics when you get it!!!
  9. CONGRATS! I have the GM and I do love it!! a few answers:

    1) yes, it's heavy--but it can fit everything from folders on down. and you don't really notice the weight unless it's crammed full.

    2) it's a hand held/crook of the arm bag that can be held on the shoulder in a pinch--it looks great on regardless.

    3) it's a very sturdy bag and holds up to a lot of wear and tear--it's a good everyday bag if you carry a lot and/or if you need to make an impression. i have it on about 4 days a week.

    4) even after a year have a beautiful patina! it's good and even too, which is lovely.

    5) the buckle is a pain if you leave it buckled all the time--i find tucking the top piece in the loop is best for easy access, and buckling it is good if you're shopping etc.

    Here are a few pics to give you a better idea:



    here's a pic to compare patina:

    post pics when you get it! i know you'll be thrilled!!:heart::wlae::woohoo:
  10. congrats, that's a great bag that'll be timeless and classic. I wanted that too but settled for the PM because the GM is heavy.
  11. I absolutely love the GM. I got it like 5 months ago and use it as my work bag a couple of days a week. it can get quite heavy, but then, I'm driving with my car to work :s

    Sometimes I also take it for a shopping tour and after a couple of hours it really gets heavy - no matter how much is inside. But still, I prefer the GM. I really love the look of the buckle. I now, that it's a pain but you could reach into the bag without unbuckling (just via the zipper). Go for it and post some action pics :woohoo:
  12. I think its a great choice !!
    Im young...and i think that bag is still stylish....but you have to be sure,you have to think its stylish and cute,not other people trust me :tup:
  13. Totally stylish and classic IMO. Love this bag-- it's definitely on my wishlist.
  14. I think it will make a great choice.
  15. Congrats, I think it's a BEAUTIFUL bag, so timeless and elegant! Definitely stylish and a great size for everyday use!