It's that TIME again ladies...

  1. $2,700.00 and $5,250.00

  2. :nuts: Yummy! Digging the white one, violette will be a challenge to find outfit for.
  3. OMG, the white one is so beautiful!! :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  4. i kinda like the violette one more...the face is more striking and I think with the colorful strap it would go with basic pieces (blacks, white, purple)...ooohh
  5. i liek the violette...:drool:
  6. Both of those look so gorgeous! :drool:
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Violette 5250 All The Way! It Is So Hot!
  9. I like the first one, suitable for everyday wear
  10. Wooow. I wish I had the money for the first's amazing!
  11. oooo pretty are these on the site? what size are the faces? I like the second one love the little 12 is a heart
  12. I am willing to bet its SMALL QUARTZ size. Usually when LV puts gems or any time of stone into a watch they go for the small size... I would want a bigger face with all that $ I am spending haha. Yes they are on the site

    The 1st one is meant to say "to love" (2 then the :heart:)
  13. Oh my, I think I just found my birthday present ... thanks for sharing! I'm a lovin' both!
  14. Love both! For the price though, I say go for the white one considering it's almost half the price of the violette. In addition ,it's classic, chic, can be dressed up or down and will go with just about any color. :smile:
  15. just checke dthem out yep 28mm so small sized the first one is adorabe they background is the LV mono pattern then overlaid is lots of wavy lines in the shape of hearts very cute