It's not a bag......

  1. ......but saw this in the window of Hermes in Florence.

    I've never been into a Hermes store before and it was a great experience. I tried on the cuff behind the counter and couldn't get it on and they said it was the only one they had and we left. After we walked out I remember there was one in the window so I went back in.

    My husband decided to walk down the street, looking in other store windows. The SA got this one out of the window (he had forgotten it was there too) and I tried it on and LOVED IT!!! I wanted to show my husband but he'd already disappeared. The SA told me to go and get him and not to worry about taking it off. So there I was walking down the street (it was only about 15m) with a cuff on that I hadn't paid for - I knew the security guard could easily outrun me (I guarantee the SA knew it).

    Once we were back in the SA took it out the back, polished it and wrapped it soooo beautifully! It really made me feel special seeing as it is probably one of their cheapest items but they presented it as if it were one of their most expensive.

    DSCN1122.jpg DSCN1123.jpg DSCN1124.jpg DSCN1125.jpg
  2. wonderful!!!!!

    and I love reading about great customer service at Hermes....not everyone gets such nice service:smile:
  3. OMG! That's the Ano Horn bracelet that I can't seem to find here for love or money!!!! Isn't it a gorgeous cuff? I love it.....congrats!!!!

    And if I EVER see it in horn and red lacquer I'm gonna jump through hoops to get it!!!!!
  4. he, he, he.....I've been looking for one of these, too S-mom........we're way too similar!!!;)
  5. Shopmom, saw exactly what you're looking for in NYC. You may want to call them and see if it's still there.
  6. I want it too..!!!:yes: :biggrin: It's lovely, I love all these new Horn things they're making, have you seen the necklace on the H website?:love:
  7. I can't find it on the website, but I saw it in person. It's huge, Duna, I thought it was a belt at first.
  8. OMG, hermesgroupie!!!! When did you see it in NYC???? I called them oh about a month ago and they did have a CLUE if they were even getting them IN! I'm ON THE PHONE AS WE SPEAK!!!!!
  9. Well, I think it was 2 weeks ago that I saw it. Good luck, let me know if you get it. Go, shopmom, go!

    They have two cuffs. Both in the GM size (too big for me) one is all Horn and the other is 1/2 Horn & 1/2 Blue Lacquer.

    In San Fran last week they had one in GM size 1/2 Horn & 1/2 Vert Lacquer. hunt is still on......gotta find that PM size with Horn and red lacquer! Oiy......
  11. Aaaw, sorry to hear that Shopmom. That red sold quickly then.
  12. Beautiful cuffs!! It's great to know that your SA has good customer service!
  13. Yes, I'm sure it's huge, I'd never buy it, but it looks stunning...On the other hand, I would buy the bracelet, but I haven't seen it in my store so far...:sad:
  14. was featured in the Hermes magazine for Spring/Summer...that's actually where I saw it and it's one of those things where you see something and you KNOW it's perfect for you.
  15. I tried the one they had in San Fran on and the GM size is pretty big. If you have small wrists (where you'd buy a bangle that's about 6/5" dia) you'd need the PM size.