IT'S HERE, FINALLY!!!! The bag I have been waiting for my WHOLE LIFE!!!

  1. :yahoo: It's HERE!!!!!!!!!!
    My MIL has been in Europe on vacation for a month....
    Her friend from Europe SOed it BUT when my MIL saw the bag
    She knew I had to have it!!! :crybaby:
    I have been searching far and wide and NOW
    It's FINALLY here!!!!
  2. But I have to tease everyone just a little bit :sweatdrop:
    ANY GUESSES??!?!
  3. Do tell!
  4. OMG Minnie! That is so exciting! I am so happy for you! Congratulations in advance sweetie!!!!
  5. BTW, is it GOLD???
  6. MINNIE!!!!!!!

    How exciting...!!

    HURRY, show us pics!!!
  7. Jag, I hope this doesn't run to 35 pages before the reveal!!:lol:
  8. OMG, your dream bag, what an amazing feeling! Please give us a clue?
  9. C'mon Minnie!!! Spill!!!!!:party:
  10. :popcorn:What could it be?

    I bet you look great with any H bag. I have seen your pics before. You're a really cute girl.
  11. OOOOh how exciting!!!!! is it colorful?
  12. Minnie!!! SPILL IT, girl!!! I can't wait to see pics!!!:yahoo:
  13. I sure hope Minnie is resizing pics right now!!!

    where are you???????????????????????
  14. Tricia, I'm afraid this IS going to run 35 pages before the reveal, it's her MOST dreamed bag ever, these things don't happen very often!
  15. Woohoo MINNIE!!! Show us!!!! :dothewave:

    (I was going to feel really bad that I went to H without you today but now I just can't wait to see your bag!!!)