It's been awhile; here's my newest addition *pics* =)


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
As some of you have noticed, for the past six months or so, I slowly moved away from LV and onto Chanel, acquiring a few Chanels during this time and also selling off a few LVs that I no longer use.

The "spark" in LV just faded for me, probably because I've been through all the classics and the LE/seasonal just didn't interest me. By expanding into Chanel and giving myself an LV break, these recent weeks I've slowly tuned back in to LV, and thinking of buying a few pieces over the summer. I'm starting to use my LVs once again (I was strictly on Chanel for two months straight) and owning Chanel makes me appreciate my LVs more, and vice versa. I think my love for LV is slowly coming back.

My sister recently had a baby and she also recently moved to the US. So, after my finals next week I will be flying down to see her and the baby. I really wanted a bag for traveling, and seeing how Chanels don't really make good any great bags under $1300, I turned back to LV.

My sweet boyfriend knows about my lack of funds right now and offered to pay for a portion of my travel bag. So today I ventured out into the snow to LV and picked up this little bag:

It's small, it's flat, and it doesn't hold a ton, but I hate carrying a load of stuff with me when I'm traveling, so this is actually the perfect size for me. I've also been looking for a small messenger bag for awhile now (like, Coach swing pack-sized, although I never really did consider the swing packs) so this is perfect.

Here is my new Damier Pochette Bosphore :love:

I was really torn between this and the Bosphore PM messenger, but I really don't need any more monogram in my collection and I really was looking for Damier exclusively. The Olav PM was too masculine. I was interested in the Pochette Melville but they didn't have any in. Other messengers were nice, but were just too big for my needs.

I also love the strap on this bag:

Here's a modeling pic:

So, I'm pretty happy with my purchase and hopefully it'll fit my needs when I'm traveling.

Thanks for letting me share and I guess I'll see you guys around more often now!



Mar 27, 2006
Bay Area
:tup: Very nice! Congrats and that's the perfect bag for traveling and for those shopping days were you know you're going to buy a ton! (then you'll have both hands free)


Jan 9, 2006
Toronto, Canada
cute, karman!!

oh, poor you! it's still snowing in calgary?! not to gloat but it was 24 degrees and sunny over here in toronto! oh who am i kidding, i have to gloat now after having the worst winter in decades!!!!!! oh my goddddd, i just went on and it's still soooo cold in calgary! what's up with the weather? it's nuts!


Aug 22, 2006
Congratz on your LV purchase! Welcome Back! It's a great size on you. Hope you have a good trip -- I'm sure you won't be missing this big snowfall we're getting!