It's back!!!

  1. Remember the odd little brown, green and red BV bag that was on Bluefly for months a while ago - well look what turned up again today!

    At least the colours go with the holiday season!!

  2. hmm, bookermoose... i'm not so sure about this one, although i have the utmost respect for the talented people at bv! :shrugs:
  3. Viva Italia!
  4. I too noticed the bag reappeared....and the boots on the last page. For some reason I feel sorry for them...will they ever find a nice home?
  5. It just reminds me of one of those amazing purse cakes that they make.:sweatdrop: would love to see it in person though.

    off topic but armcandyaddict, love the pooch in your avater!!!
  6. Mmmnnn, not one of my favourite BV's I have to admit...I see what you mean about the Xmasy colours though.
  7. I would love to figure out how they decide what to "hide" at Bluefly. This morning I think they had 209 BV items. As I'm posting this, it's 115. I find it really hard to believe that they've sold so many pieces (and all the new ones are gone) but what a condicidence! it's 10% off everything on the site today......
  8. Ah this lonely odd bag; someday we'll just have to find a good home for it, kinda like a puppy at the pound that noone wants! But anyone who gets the bag must get the boots too! It's a package deal.
  9. This thread is so funny. It is like the mutt at the pound that nobody wants.
  10. Can I interest you ladies in a matching wallet? I found this on an archived version of the BV site, as well as the sale page for the purse. I think the wallet's adorable, but that velvet would be looking raggedy so fast.
    italia wallet.jpg viva italia.jpg
  11. in fact, now that i've seen the wallet - whoever buys the bag simply must have the wallet, and the boots too!

    and mid-, thanks - that's my black lab socks during his days as a pup with ambitions to be an mba mascot.
  12. That's because whenever Bluefly has a "sale" they always take the newer items off their site. Once the sale is over, they'll put the items back. Sneaky!
  13. The boots, the purse, the wallet...three orphans!

    'Hiding' certain items is common retail practice during a sale. Usually it's newer merchandise or items with a lower markup that are not made available during a sale. It takes all the fun away, doesn't it?
  14. Yup, it sure does take all the fun away! But it also keeps me checking back, which ultimately works for them...

    Where are the "Viva Italia" boots - I looked on their site and couldn't see any red white and green (ugh - even typing that out is making me slightly nauseous) footwear.... were they - gasp! - sold?
  15. :lol: