It's All About The Bag!

  1. I dont know if this is the right forum to post it(if not please move it).
    Here is a cool article from new issue of UK Vogue and since its all about the bags i thought i might post it here.:wlae:

  2. A few more pictures:

  3. cool article!!! thanks for posting :yes:
  4. wow, very interesting.. thanks for sharing this..
  5. Sad thing about that first LV, is it so ugly!
  6. Thanks for posting - I moved to the US last year and I miss UK Vogue (love the shopping / prices here better though!)
  7. Thanks for posting! :smile:
  8. Thanks for sharing this article with us :smile: I love reading about bags
  9. Thank you for sharing!!
  10. Yay!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    At last, a scan of this article!

    Thanks Lime! :flowers:
  11. thx for sharing ^^
  12. Yes, a huge thank you. I did that really annoying thing of telling everyone it existed but then realised I am completely unable to scan anything so ended up being a hopeless tease. Thank goodness for those who follow through in life!
  13. wow. thats a great article. thanks for sharing it!!