1. Another entry in the continuing Serious Ugly saga from the spring Prada line. Someone STOP THE MADNESS!!:hysteric:

  2. DUDE,I so AGREE..I wrote a PF blog on the fringe bag and everytime I see one...I feel like getting a rabies shot..BLECK..SCARY AS* BAG!
  3. Road Kill!
  4. now, that is one ugly bag. so scary.
  5. Ick.
  6. It's funny--I normally like fringe--but not the fringe bags I've been seeing from them.
  7. UGH!
  8. QUICK..Somebody shoot it before it eats the PF web page..ROFL
  9. BANG BANG >>>------->

    i guess you won't need a matching boa if you're going to be carrying this bag....

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Ha-Ha11 It looks like a big hairy spider!! YUCK!!! :heart: Emmy
  11. Prada can be so off-and-on. I mean, they had a FABULOUS line of bags in F/W 06, with lots of big hits. And now their S/S 07 line is extremely disappointing, to say the least.

    Things have certainly quieted down in the Prada forum. Oh well, we can always look forward to F/W 07!
  12. seriously....i feel quite betrayed seeing the first one of this collection on an Ad....i had been a loyal fan to prada for quite a while and this is just not acceptible :sad:
    i'm just not a fan of this so called fringe bag or western trend......
  13. I dont like it.
  14. Big NAY!
  15. It would be the ideal accessory for Cousin Itt's derby!:graucho: